Sensory Processing Disorder

Isaiah has had various struggles in his life. I started wondering if there was something more than typical baby/toddler issues around his first birthday. He was evaluated by Early Intervention at 14 months, then again at his second birthday. The first time, they pretty much ignored my concerns (complete loss of language, when he’d been saying more than a dozen words consistently from 10-12 months). The second time, the occupational therapist who evaluated him said that she thought he would benefit from some sort of therapy, but he was not “severe enough” to qualify for their services. I searched for other places for him to receive occupational therapy (OT), but was having no luck, until my aunt pulled Azalea from Early Intervention and enrolled her in a private therapy center two hours from where I live.

I took Isaiah to the therapy center for evaluations in speech and occupational therapy. He missed qualifying for speech by two points. The therapist said to bring him back around his birthday to be reevaluated because part of the problem he had was the way the test is performed. The test is trying to determine whether he can produce sounds and his mimicry is nearly flawless. When he’s a little older, he’ll likely get a more accurate result and, if he’s still talking the same way he is now, will most definitely qualify.

Isaiah did, however, qualify for occupational therapy, which begins in October. The therapist who evaluated him gave him the diagnosis of sensory processing disorder and low muscle tone. One of their therapists will be working with him once a week to help improve those areas.


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