An Adventure in an ADHD Brain

Someone mentions a problem to be solved
Problem is not readily solve-able, so conversation moves on to other topics
Randomly think of The Perfect Solution for the aforementioned topic
Blurt out The Perfect Solution, interrupting your friend
Watch the confused expression on their face and stumble to explain that you’re back on the problem you’d previously discussed
Begin working on The Perfect Solution
Finish The Perfect Solution and pat yourself on the back for a job well done
Realize you have no idea what your friend was saying before you dragged them down your ADHD rabbit trail

So, the next time you’re talking to me and I seemingly pull a thought out of mid-air, know that I really was listening to you, but my all-over-the-place brain just suddenly threw a great idea in my face and I didn’t know it until it was coming out of my mouth. Most of the time, I’m just as surprised as you are that I’m suddenly blurting out a random idea. Which also explains my difficulty in telling you where the idea came from or what the one or two words I spoke actually mean until I’ve had a few seconds to think about it. Yes, I’m crazy. And ADHD. Enjoy!

**Today’s Perfect Solution included my toddler’s Legos, making it even more confusing when blurted out randomly–“Where are the Legos?” “What? Why do you want Legos?” “I know how to fix it! I need Legos!”


2 responses to “An Adventure in an ADHD Brain

  1. I have plenty of moments when I say “The train of thought has de-railed.”
    5 minutes+ later “The train’s back!” 😛

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