Pictures and a Walk

The weather is finally bearable, so Isaiah and I decided to go for a walk. I asked him if he wanted to go to the train tracks (for pictures) or the park (to play before we did pictures). He chose the park and gave me directions the whole way there. We’ve been working on the concept of holding hands to cross streets and checking for cars before crossing since he has been gaining more freedom walking places around town. When he was smaller, we were already holding hands, so these rules were less necessary. Now, without them, he’d just keep right on going into a street without me! I always ask him to check for cars before we cross. He doesn’t always remember to look both ways without being reminded, but he tries. He then announces either “no cars!” or “cars comin’!” I made sure his answer was right, then walked across the street with him.

Photo Day

I wasn't sure what this face meant, then Isaiah told me ''Me loooov yooou, Mama!''

When we got to the park, Isaiah started to cry. I asked him what was wrong and said I thought he wanted to play at the park. It turned out, he wanted to go to the rodeo grounds and take pictures! When we got to the rodeo grounds, a block away from the park, Isaiah was very ready to ham it up for the camera. “Take a pitur, Mama!” He grinned and posed and gave me some excellent pictures.

Photo Day


Next to the rodeo grounds is a cornfield, so we went over to check that out. Isaiah was amazed at the giant plants. He probably would have disappeared into the field if I’d let him, but that didn’t seem wise. He had fun doing things like stretching his arms up as high as he could to try to be taller than the plants. Then he decided to call my mom and tell her about it.

Photo Day

''Gam! Me a walk, bit torn!!!!''

We decided to head over and check out the train tracks on our way home. We met up with a friend while we were there and she took a picture of Isaiah and me together on the tracks. Isaiah had a little trouble posing on the tracks because he found them way too interesting. He wanted to play with the rocks and explore. He managed to get his knees covered in black dirt by the time we were done.

Photo Day

Playing with rocks on the tracks

Photo Day

Posing nicely for a split second before heading off to explore again

Photo Day

Me and Isaiah together

On the way home, we stopped to let Isaiah pose with an old car. My friend’s grandpa owns a car repair shop and has quite a few old vehicles to harvest parts from. Isaiah loved all the cars and wanted to go explore all of them, but we just went to the ones closest to the road and I let him sit on one. He was a little frustrated that I wouldn’t let him sit on all the cars!

Photo Day

Loving the car!

Now we’re finally home and I have all the pictures downloaded. We were gone for about two hours, so there were a lot! I wanted to share a few here, though.


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