Tinker Toy Fun

My parents got some Tinker Toys when they went to Goodwill in search of a booster seat to replace Isaiah’s high chair (which they also found) a few days ago. I wasn’t sure whether Isaiah was quite ready for them or not, but thought it would be something fun to do with him this afternoon. Of course, Isaiah was thrilled at the prospect of a new toy and quickly helped me clear his train table so we could get them out.

I dumped the bucket on the table and Isaiah’s face lit up. He had no idea what they were for, but he couldn’t wait to find out. I stuck a couple pieces together and he quickly followed suit. Between the two of us, we soon and a structure that was fairly sturdy and had lots of moving parts. He quickly decided that the moving parts were fire hoses and set to work putting out fires.

For those not well versed in Isaiah speak, in the video he told me that the structure is a fire station and that it is Fireman Sam‘s home. Fireman Sam is working at home and watching Isaiah.

When my dad came home later, he helped build a cool push toy. They started with a basic frame that Isaiah could push around on working wheels. It wasn’t very stable, so my dad added a few other parts to make it stand up to being run across the house over and over. Then he decided to decorate it with all the pieces that were left. Isaiah thought it was wonderful and helped with the process, always wanting to know what my dad would do next.


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