Easter Egg Hunt

The town egg hunt was this morning at ten. It was so very cold outside! The wind was downright bitter, so everyone was huddled in coats waiting for the hunt to start. Nobody even came out until about five minutes before it was supposed to begin because they didn’t want to stand in the wind. There was still a really good turnout by the time it started.

Isaiah was in the youngest group, three and under. There were actually quite a few kids in that age group, but plenty of eggs to go around. First, we stood around waiting for a long time while those in charge got everything ready to go. When they finally told the kids “go”, Isaiah was off, collecting eggs like crazy. He was so proud of his eggs! He wouldn’t let go of the basket for even a second.


Totally confused...


''Ok, now I get it!''

When all the eggs had been collected, there were prizes to give out. While they were doing drawings for bikes, Isaiah and I went over to see the Easter Bunny. He wasn’t too sure about that. He certainly wasn’t going to sit on the bunny’s lap!


This was as close as he was willing to get to the Easter bunny

When we got home, I showed Isaiah that there was candy inside his eggs. Once he knew that they could be opened, he was pretty excited about finding out what was hidden inside. He opened all the eggs, stopping to cheer in excitement any time he found a chocolate bunny.


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