Walking with Dusty

I decided to take Isaiah out for a walk, since it was warm and sunny. On our way out the door, Dusty kept trying to escape and come along, so, rather than let him cry at the door, I grabbed his leash and and brought him. Isaiah was thrilled!


Isaiah and Dusty, all set to go on a walk

I wasn’t sure how long Dusty would go along with walking nicely with Isaiah, so we took the shortest route to the park. Isaiah wanted to hold the leash, so I gave it to him, keeping close enough to grab it whenever I needed to. We encountered a stray dog and a few random kids along the way and I scooped Dusty up so he couldn’t try to run from them. (Dusty is quite the little wimp!)


Walking with Dusty

When we got to the park, it was full of kids. Many of them knew Isaiah and me and came running to see us. Poor Dusty tolerated being petted for about ten seconds, then started trying to melt into my arms, so we moved on. Isaiah wanted to go to the rodeo grounds, telling me “pitur, pitur”. We went over there and Isaiah immediately started posing with Dusty for the camera. He had so much fun!


Hugs for Dusty


They're both so stinkin' cute!

Soon, it was time to head for home. The announcement caused some tears, but we were soon headed that way, discussing what snacks may be waiting when we got there. By the time we got to the house, Isaiah was ready to have a snack and crawl into his bed.


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