Habitat for Humanity Service Project

Last week at Elevate, my young adult group, one of our leaders announced that we’d be doing a service project instead of our regular meeting next time. He gave us a list of four projects that we would be able to choose between so we could have some time to think about which we wanted to do. Our options were going to a laundromat and doing people’s laundry for them, buying food for a child who wouldn’t have anything to eat over the weekend (through a program at a local school), a “random act of kindness”, or working with Habitat for Humanity. I didn’t need a week to decide what I wanted to do. I knew I wanted to work with Habitat. I grew up knowing about them because Grandfather worked with them for as long as I could remember.

When I got to the church last night, it wasn’t time for things to start yet, so I played a game that the leaders made up along with a few others. The game is a frame made of PVC pipes to create an elevated grid of nine squares. It’s generally explained to newcomers as “four square, but in the air”. It seems a fairly accurate description. We had lots of fun and discovered that one of our leaders has quite the competitive side, hidden beneath her cheerful, sweet demeanor. It was especially fun watching her try to get her husband “out”.

Soon, it was time to divide into groups and head to our sites. The Habitat group split in half so we could work at two different sites. One of my friends was in my group, which made it even more fun. Our group was almost all girls, with only two guys. We arrived at our site and were immediately put to work moving and stacking furniture that had been donated by a local hotel. It was all made with real wood, instead of plywood, so it was heavy! The guys lifted everything like it was easy and had heavy dressers stacked three high. I had fun jumping in and lifting anything and everything that I could, too. By the time we were done, everyone was exhausted. It was tons of fun and we made great progress in organizing things. I’d like to go back and work with Habitat more over the summer.


The guys wanted to jump up and grab the bar that ran across the room


Took a few tries, but both got it


Couldn't quite get it, so we faked it with the picture


The whole team


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