A Trip to the Doctor

Isaiah and I are sick… Again. We went to the doctor this morning. Isaiah has decided in the last couple of months that he adores doctors, so he was pretty excited about it. He played with toys in the waiting room, then chatted with the nurse when she called us back.


Checking bunny's ears

Isaiah wanted to help the nurse do her job. He chattered at her endlessly and tried to touch everything. He was a little concerned that the blood pressure cuff would hurt me, though. It took convincing for him to decide that I’d survive. When the nurse walked out of the room, he called after her, “doctor?” and she promised that the doctor would come soon.


Checking bunny's mouth

When the doctor walked in, Isaiah grinned at him and said, “hi”. He watched everything the doctor did, quite attentively. He kept showing him the bunny he brought with him. When the doctor checked his throat, he gave Isaiah an extra tongue depressor to hold. Isaiah thought that was pretty great. As soon as the doctor walked out, Isaiah plopped his bunny on the table and gave it a full check up. He told it to say “aaahh” and checked its mouth, then checked its ears, eyes, legs, and hands. He promptly prescribed the sucker he got from the doctor as medicine for his bunny and helped it to “eat” it.


A sucker to make the bunny feel better

When we went to the pharmacy to pick up our medications, Isaiah met a nice lady who was happy to talk with him about his bunny. He thought she was amazing. She said he knew she was a grandma and that’s why he liked her. I think she was right. He knows who likes kids and latches on to them.


Waiting for medicine


One response to “A Trip to the Doctor

  1. What a sweet story! I was going to ask how old Isaiah was, but then I saw the pictures, which are worth the proverbial thousand words. It all reminds me of the way some of my own kids are with chattering on to the doctor, and pretty much anyone who’ll listen. 🙂

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