Dr. Seuss Week

This last week was Dr. Seuss week. We had lots of fun with it at preschool. We read some of the books, had special dress up days and invited some special visitors.

On Monday, my mom and Isaiah came over to read “One Fish, Two Fish” to the kids. They had a little trouble sitting still for the story, as they all seemed to have a case of the wiggles this week. Isaiah liked getting to meet the kids and stuck around to play for a little while after the story.

Tuesday, we all dressed up as characters from the Cat in the Hat. We have hats and tails for all the kids to wear and the staff members came up with our own outfits. Emily had mentioned before that she thought it would be fun to dress up with someone as Thing 1 and Thing 2, so I made us shirts to wear. We would have dyed our hair, but couldn’t find anything that would do it effectively and wash out before the next day.

All Dressed Up

Paige (the teacher), me (teacher's aide), Emily (family service worker) and Natasha (the other aide) in our costumes

On Wednesday, we read Wacky Wednesday and all wore silly outfits. My dad let me borrow one of his striped shirts and a crazy tie to go with my capris and mismatched knee socks. Some of the kids had backwards or mismatched clothes, Emily’s wore several clashing prints, Natasha wore Hawaiian pants with a striped shirt and mismatched earrings and Paige wore inside out jeans with a neon shirt. Even Isaiah got in on the fun in backwards clothes with a striped shirt and camouflage pants.

Wacky Wednesday

Me and Isaiah in our wacky outfits

Backwards clothes

A better look at Isaiah's outfit

Along with the silly outfits, we had a visit from Dr. Seuss (my dad) on Wednesday. He did a bunch of fun magic tricks for the kids. They loved getting to see his pet rope that could do tricks! He made a picture of a butterfly in a book come to life and fly out of the pages for the kids to see. They especially liked the tricks that they were able to participate in, whether it was holding something for him or getting to do a part of the trick. By the end of his show, each of the kids had gotten to help him in some way.

Pet Rope

The pet rope, standing on command

Butterfly Trick

A butterfly flying out of a Dr. Seuss book

Thursday was pajama day. We all wore our favorite jammies to class. I forgot to have my mom take a picture of me to post, but I wore my Eeyore footie pajamas with two pony tails. Two of the little girls had their hair in pony tails, too, and were so excited to see that we matched! The kids’ jammies ranged from Thomas the tank, to Mario, to pink and neon green with flowers. Everyone was so cute! To add to the fun, we got to eat green eggs and ham for breakfast. At first the kids were afraid to taste it, but once they did, they loved them. One of the boys told me, “I like them! I like green eggs and ham!” We made our very own “Schlopp with a cherry on top” from Oh the Things You Can Think, too.

We had such a fun week. As fun as it was, we’re all ready for things to get back to normal, though. I’m sure we’ll have plenty of fun, even without all the silliness from last week!

**For privacy reasons, I can’t post pictures of any of my preschoolers. If I could, there’d be a whole lot more pictures in this post!

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