Isaiah loves crafts of all kinds. Today, he got two chances to do some, first at kids club, then, later, at home. He was so happy!


Isaiah loves art!

At kids club, the craft was paper bag puppets. Isaiah colored the face for his puppet for quite a while. When he was finally done, I got scissors to cut it out. He wanted to help me, so I put the scissors into his hand and helped guide him. He figured out how to open and close the scissors in no time. I just had to guide the paper!


Me showing Isaiah how to cut

After his puppet face was cut out, Isaiah didn’t want to stop cutting, so I handed him another sheet of paper. He happily kept cutting the page until it was time to go home. He was able to hold the scissors correctly with just a few reminders not to turn his hand upside down. I guess we’ll have to add cutting to our regular craft activities.


Working away

This evening, Isaiah found some glitter that I’d left on the counter (oops!) and wanted to know what it was. I got out a pan, glue and some paper and set him up at the table. I put glue on the first piece of paper in the shape of a dinosaur and let him dump glitter on it. He was so excited! He dumped glitter on a dog shape I made for him, then started making his own designs. When his designs were finished, he told me what they were, a “choo-choo” and “puppy”, and I labeled the pictures for him.




Isaiah's artwork


2 responses to “Crafting

  1. So cute! Love the happy look on your son’s face while squeezing the glue. And what a great idea – putting a baking pan under the paper when working with the glue. Now I am going to try that with MY kids!

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