The Doctor

Isaiah has never been a fan of his doctor. Even before he was born, he’d get worked up as soon as the doctor spoke. He was quite proficient at hiding from the heart monitor! Our visits are usually filled with lots of tears and nursing, just to get through. This trip was different, though.

When Isaiah was called back, we had to stop by the scale and weigh him first. He stood on the scale backwards and told the nurse all about the dog picture on the wall. He was so excited about the dogs that he didn’t even notice that I had let go of him!

We went back into the room and the nurse started her check up. When she started to check his heartbeat, he reached for her stethoscope, so she let him look at it before she used it. He was so excited about it! He let her check his temperature without even the slightest complaint. The only time he fussed at all was when she measured his height because he couldn’t be holding onto me while she did it.

When the doctor came in, Isaiah was still quiet and cheerful. He greeted the doctor, then watched everything he did carefully. I think it was the first time his doctor was actually able to hear his heart and breathing and get a good look at him. He sat quietly in my lap while I talked to the doctor, then waved “bye bye” when he was done. To make everything even better, he got a sucker on his way out.

The good news is, I have one very healthy two year old. He’s right at the fiftieth percentile on height and weight and progressing exactly how he should be physically. The doctor was quite pleased with his progress.


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