Isaiah’s Birthday Party

We had Isaiah’s party last night. He was so excited because he knew his friends were coming to visit. We had the party at our church so we’d have more space and so the animals wouldn’t have to be stressed by company. As soon as we got to the church and Isaiah saw all the decorations (I set them up before bringing him over), he could hardly contain himself. He ran all over the room, showing me all the trucks. He especially loved the one he could sit behind and “drive” for pictures.


Driving the truck

Soon enough, his guests started to arrive. He quickly ushered the kids off to check out the various trucks in the room. They were just as excited as he was! After a little while, we gathered them all with the promise of food. They ate as quickly as they could, wanting to move on to games.


The littlest guest--She slept through the whole thing!


Posing in the truck


Elsie looking cute in the truck

When everyone was done eating, the kids got to play some games. First, they did the “floor game”, a game my mom came up with when I was little. Half the guests were a bit young for it, but the older girls thought it was pretty cool. With Isaiah and Elsie running across the game, we quickly decided to give it up and move to the next.


Trying to play the floor game with a little help from his Gram


Playing the floor game

Elsie found the dump truck beanbag toss, so we decided to do that next. Isaiah was happy to demonstrate how to play and soon they were all taking turns throwing the beanbags into the dump truck I made from a couple of boxes. Isaiah and Elsie threw them from wherever they wanted and the older girls threw them from several feet away so it was more “fair”. Elsie decided to keep right on playing when everyone else was ready to move on to the next.


''This is so much fun!''

Since pin the tail on the donkey didn’t seem like it would fit a truck theme very well, I made a pin the wheel on the truck game. Since the kids at the party were pretty young, we skipped blindfolds and just had them close or cover their eyes. Isaiah and Elsie didn’t even understand that, but they were the littlest. After everyone had a turn, Isaiah took one of the wheels off and tried again–with one hand over his eyes, peeking between his fingers. Silly boy!


Readusting the wheel

When the games were finished, we gathered everyone back at the table to sing and have cake. Isaiah loved blowing out the candle, so my dad lit it several times for him. Everyone loved the special dump truck cake. It looked really cute and tasted delicious!


Blowing out his candle


Yummy cake!

I’m not sure whether Isaiah or the girls were more excited about opening presents. They all wanted to tear into them! Isaiah got some pretty cool gifts and had tons of fun playing with them with the girls until it was time for everyone to head for home. He even remembered to tell people “thank you”.


Opening a gift


Isaiah's new dinosaur


Reading his new book

When it was time for his friends to leave, Isaiah made sure to give them hugs on their way out. He happily played with his new treasures while we gathered up the decorations and cleaned up. Overall, the party was a huge success. Isaiah would be happy to do it all again if I had the energy to pull it off.


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