Gingerbread Train

My mom bought a gingerbread kit when they were on sale after Christmas. This year, she opted for a train shaped kit over the traditional house. Isaiah, of course, was thrilled with the train. He sat on the chair next to me and watched me (try) to assemble it. The icing was too old and we ended up using hot glue. Oh well, we weren’t planning to eat it anyway.


So excited


A gingerbread train

Once all the pieces were finally staying together, I helped Isaiah put wheels on his train (icing and mints). He thought that was pretty cool. It didn’t take much convincing to get him to start decorating for himself. I put the icing on and he stuck various candies to it.


Attaching candie wheels


Decorating happily

Of course, like all children, Isaiah had to taste the candy. He liked some kinds better than others. He really thought he should be able to shove it all in his mouth at once, though. I had to keep stopping him to make sure he remembered to chew and at least stick some of the candy on the train.


''I'm tasting the candy!''

Decorating the train kept Isaiah occupied for quite a while. He thought it was wonderful! It turned out pretty well for a not-quite-two-year-old, too.

Finished Product

The finished work of art


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