A Giant Teddy Bear

We went down to visit my grandmother yesterday. While we were there, I set up my camera and recorded just a few of the many stories that Gram tells. My goal is to make a DVD of her stories, as well as getting them typed up so that they can be put into a book. I wanted to get them on video because they’re so much more interesting when she tells them! Isaiah was pretty good about listening to the stories while I recorded, but eventually got bored with it. Some of the videos have him in them doing any number of silly things. He even tried to tell his own stories at one point.


Silly boy

Gram had a huge teddy bear sitting on the bed that Isaiah and I sleep in when we visit. When he found it, his face lit up and he carried it through the house saying, “teddy, teddy!” He was so thrilled to find it! He even took it to bed with him when I told him it was bed time.


Isaiah found the bear...

When we got up this morning, Isaiah was so excited to find the teddy still in the bed with him. He dragged it out to the kitchen with him and proceeded to feed it part of his breakfast. At one point, the bear fell off his chair and he said, “drop the bear!” Gram saw how much he loved the bear and told him he could take it home with him.


Feeding the bear

Isaiah loves visiting Gram’s house. He thinks Gram is pretty awesome and he loves to play with her old Tonka trucks. (I played with them when I was his age!) He was a little sad to have to go home tonight.


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