Our Family’s Christmas

Christmas lasted two days for us. First, we had our usual Christmas with gifts and time to relax, then, the next day, extended family came to visit for the day. The whole thing was tons of fun and I’m so glad it was all able to happen.


A quilt from a friend. He opened this on Christmas Eve.

Christmas morning with an almost two year old is about the most fun I could ask for. Isaiah doesn’t really remember last year, so he had no idea what he would be waking up to. When he saw the stockings, he was a little confused, but soon dug in. He got so excited about each little thing that came out of the stocking! Then, of course, he had to keep stopping to play with the toys that he’d already removed.


Isaiah's first glimpse of his stocking


There were cars in there!

When the stockings were emptied and Isaiah had eaten some breakfast, we moved on to the rest of the gifts. Isaiah hadn’t even looked into the rest of the house because the stockings had caught his attention immediately. When I took him out of his highchair (where he sat to look in the stocking), he caught his first glimpse of his big gift: a toy kitchen. Suddenly, nothing in the house mattered except that kitchen. He checked every drawer and cabinet, talked on the phone, checked the pot and pan and told us all about it. DJ had gotten him dishes to go with the kitchen, so he handed Isaiah the wrapped box. Isaiah didn’t care what was inside the box. He just stuck it in his new oven! It took some convincing to get him to take it back out and open it. He was then set to play with his kitchen and dishes while other people opened gifts.


The kitchen has been sighted


Isaiah was beyond thrilled with his kitchen

After a while of playing with the kitchen, we managed to convince Isaiah that there was cool stuff in other packages, too. Each gift we handed to him was put straight into his oven. Apparently, they needed to be baked before they could be opened. When he was handed another gift, he would take the first out of the oven and put the new one in. Once he was opening gifts, he was thrilled to find out what was inside. He opened blocks and puzzles from DJ, a cool dump truck from my parents, a book and play dough from me and some trucks and stuffed trains from my grandparents. Every single thing was wonderful and exciting.


Looking at his new book with me


At my house, everything flies

We finished opening gifts (I got a new lens from my parents and Beauty and the Beast from DJ!) and moved on to lunch. Isaiah was happy to play with his new toys until the food was actually on the table. We had a good meal, then it was time for Isaiah to have a nap.


Even the pets got Christmas presents--Jack loved his cat nip ball!

Isaiah was more than ready to finish his day with more playing after his nap. I’m not sure if he stopped moving for the entire day, other than his nap. He was so excited about everything!


Playing with his awesome new truck


Talking on the phone while cooking


The hammer toy was a hit

The day after Christmas was insanely busy. I had to move most of the bigger stuff from Isaiah’s room into mine to make more room for kids to play. My mom put potato soup in the crock pot to cook and before we knew it, my uncle had arrived with his three kids. My other uncle and his family arrived not long after, along with Gram.


''They're here!

Once everyone had arrived, we had hard roll sandwiches. Isaiah enjoyed separating his into its individual parts–meat here, cheese there, bread on my plate… When Isaiah finished eating and everyone else was still sitting around the table chatting, he decided to play a game. He would lean over, wrap his arms around my arm, pulling me close, then whisper “I love you” in my ear. He did it over and over again. When I responded, he’d get even more excited and play even more. He’s done simliar things with my mom, but had never initiated it before. It was so cute and sweet!


Azalea cuddling with my mom

After lunch, the middle kids (ages 5 to 13) were sent to Isaiah’s room, where I’d set out a ton of crafting supplies. They were happy crafting away for ages! Isaiah and Azalea stayed out with the rest of us and played with Isaiah’s kitchen. At one point, they sat down at his little table for a tea party.


Tea party! I love Azalea's expression!

We opened gifts just before supper time. Everyone got wonderful gifts. Azalea was thrilled with the hair bow I got for her from Girly Girl. She kept putting it in her hair, as well as anyone else she could reach. She was pretty sure her daddy looked best in it! Luke gave me a beautiful horse that he painted special for me. His family went to a pottery place where they could paint something, then have it finished. He picked the horse because he knew I’d love it. Now I just have to find the perfect place to display it to the world!


The horse Luke made. Isn't it awesome?!


Wearing Azalea's bow

When presents were all opened, we played Apples to Apples for a while. The great thing about this game is that you never know how something might turn out. We had some pretty crazy answers! Gram and Luke hadn’t played before, so we taught them what to do and they were soon playing and laughing their way through with the rest of us.


Playing Apples to Apples

Soon it was time to have soup and pack everyone up to go home. Before everyone left, I got them gathered for some pictures. I did a family picture for each family, a full group picture (gotta love tripods and timers!) and a picture of Gram with all the grandkids. I love how they turned out!


Our whole family--So much fun!


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  2. I love that everything went in the oven before opening!! And we know all about everything being something that flies around here 🙂 Merry (late) Christmas!

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