Christmas Pictures

I took these a while ago, before the tree had ornaments on it, but I wanted to save them for today. I figured I’d be too busy enjoying Christmas to want to actually log into my blog, anyway. (I’m scheduling this post.)

Christmas, 12/1/11

Admiring the tree

Isaiah adores all the Christmas decorations, especially the tree. I put the tree up during the night so that he wouldn’t get into any trouble trying to help. When he woke up the next morning, my mom plugged in the lights and grabbed the camera to take pictures when I brought him out to see it. He was thrilled! I’m not going to post those pictures because I was still in my pajamas, but I got some great pictures later in the day.

Christmas, 12/1/11

Merry Christmas!

The animals were almost as happy to see the tree as Isaiah was. Thomas and Jack have taken up residence under the tree. If one isn’t there, the other probably is. It’s their favorite place to be and having some toy Christmas houses around the front makes it an even more private place to nap. Max and Dusty like the tree, too, but not quite as much. I took pictures of the cats sleeping under the tree, then bribed the dogs with animal cookies to sit in front of it.

Christmas, 12/1/11

My ''Tom Cat'' (Thomas)

Christmas, 12/1/11

DJ's ''kitten'' (not really a kitten anymore) Jack


Max, our gorgeous, but somewhat OCD corgi

Christmas, 12/1/11

Dusty, a.k.a. ''The little furball''

Isaiah was so mesmerized by the lights that he wouldn’t turn around and look at me long enough to take a picture. He was my original reason for breaking out the animal cookies, but hey, if it works for the dogs, too, that’s an added bonus! I offered cookies and convinced Isaiah to look at me for brief periods at a time. Then, he wanted the dogs to pose with him. Dusty never did stay still long enough (it’s a miracle I got the shot that I did!), but Max waited patiently and obediently while I took a couple pictures of him and Isaiah together.

Christmas, 12/1/11

Pointing at the cookie

Christmas, 12/1/11


Christmas, 12/1/11

Isaiah and Max

A couple days later, my mom found a headband with reindeer antlers that Isaiah was excited to try on. I took a couple pictures of him in front of the tree with them before he ripped them off. Unfortunately, they didn’t stay on long enough for me to get the lighting adjusted properly. Oh well. At least I got a picture!

Christmas, 12/2/11

My little reindeer

I hope everyone is having a wonderful Christmas and enjoying their families. In the midst of all the presents and fun and family, take a few minutes to remember why we celebrate. Happy birthday, Jesus!


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