Our Very Own Elves

Since Isaiah is almost two this Christmas, he got to have his very own elf visitors. They say they’ll be coming back next year, too, because they had so much fun. I decided that, instead of posting something about their antics each day, it would be better to give a rundown of everything they did tonight.

Our elves were a little late in arriving this year because I was too busy the first few days of December to be ready for them. (Oops!) They wasted no time starting to have fun, though.

Day 1: The first elf arrived with a note from Santa, explaining why he’s here.

Day 1

The elf decided to ride on Isaiah's dino

Day 1

Isaiah accidentally knocked the elf off his dino, so he gave him a big kiss to make it all better.

Day 2: Our elf liked it so much here his first day that he decided to bring a friend to stay with him. We found them sitting on the couch reading the Christmas story.

Day 2

They looked so cute reading together!

Day 3: The elves broke into Isaiah’s dress up Larry and had a great time trying on Larry’s outfits.

Day 3

All dressed up with nowhere to go!

Day 3

''How'd they get Larry's stuff?''

Day 4: We woke up to find the elves in the middle of a cotton ball snowball fight, using Isaiah’s blocks as forts.

Day 4

The elves with their forts... You can tell who was winning!

Day 4

The forts are completely demolished now... Isaiah had fun, though!

Day 5: The elves climbed up and hung from a picture in our living room during the night. They brought some candy with them, too! (Somehow, I didn’t get a picture of this!)

Day 6: Isaiah found one of the elves sitting in his highchair eating his yummy chocolate cheerios.

Day 6

We had the MOPS Christmas party to get ready for, so the elf decided to be a big help and get breakfast out for Isaiah. He said he would have made a bagel, but he doesn't know how to cook.

Day 7: The elves were so excited that they had found an “Elf on the Shelf” themed Christmas can that they decided to get one for Isaiah!

Day 7

The elves hung the can on our singing Christmas tree

Day 7

So excited about the cookie he found inside

Day 8: Who doesn’t like a good game of Go Fish? Our elves certainly seemed to be having fun!

Day 8

Looks like we interrupted the game...

Day 8

Isaiah ran up to the elves yelling ''Cards! Cards!''

Day 9: This was Isaiah’s favorite day… He found the elves with a camera, taking pictures of each other. He immediately jumped in and started taking pictures of the elves.

Day 9

This is after Isaiah found them and helped them pose together.

Day 9

''I'm takin' pictures, Mama!''

Day 10: The elves were a bit naughty and climbed our Christmas tree while we were sleeping.

Day 10

Just hanging out in the tree

Day 11: Isaiah forgot to clean up his crayons and the elves enjoyed using them during the night. When he found the elves coloring, Isaiah joined in.

Day 11

One of the elves wrote ''HI'' on his paper.

Day 11

Isaiah had fun coloring with them.

Day 12: I spent hours wrapping gifts and still wasn’t finished, so the elves decided to help me.

Day 12

What a mess!

Day 12

They brought Isaiah a plastic snow globe so he would have one he could play with.

Day 13: The elves found Isaiah’s pinwheel and had so much fun with it.

Day 13

Holding the pinwheel and waiting for Isaiah to come play with him

Day 13

So excited about the pinwheel!

Day 14: One of Isaiah’s favorite things to do is play with bubbles. The elves found that out and decided to get some out to play with him.

Day 14


Day 14

Helping the elf blow bubbles

Day 15: Since it was almost Christmas, the elves brought Isaiah a special present–a stuffed dinosaur.

Day 15

Cuddling the dinosaur they brought

Day `5

So excited about his new toy

Day 16: Christmas Eve. The elves pulled out Isaiah’s Nativity and set it up. We found them cuddling baby Jesus.

Day 16

Holding the baby Jesus out of the Nativity set

Day 16

Isaiah was so excited to find his elves playing with the Nativity

Merry Christmas! We can’t wait to see what our elves are up to next year!

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