Playing in the Snow

Isaiah had never actually played in snow before today. Not for lack of trying on my part, he just wasn’t into it last year. Snow was scary and he didn’t want it to touch him. This year, his opinion on the matter has been the opposite. He couldn’t wait to get out in it. We went outside briefly yesterday while it was snowing, but since he didn’t have any mittens that fit, he couldn’t be out for long. Now that he has mittens, it was time for fun!


Telling Gram all about the snow

First, Isaiah had to touch it and experiment with the texture. He really wanted his mittens off for that. He spent quite a while swinging his hands in the snow and making it fly everywhere. Then, he discovered he could pile it on top of his feet and make them disappear. He covered them and was so proud of himself that he picked his foot up to show me. Oops! So much for it being hidden! Oh, well. It was easy enough to cover again–and cover it he did.


Burying his foot

Next up was discovering that it could be made into a ball. Since I was holding the camera, my mom scooped up some snow and packed it tightly into a ball. It took some real effort because the snow is extremely powdery. Once the first snowball was created, Isaiah pointed and shouted “a ball!” while doing a little happy dance. With very little encouragement, he took the ball and promptly threw it in the air. Of course, then he needed a new ball!


Throwing the ball

When the snowballs got boring, we wandered around following the tracks our vehicles had made (in the church parking lot, don’t worry). Since they were “tracks”, Isaiah decided that meant that he must be a train. He shuffled his way along making all the appropriate train noises. He couldn’t have been happier.


Pretending to be a train

I tried to convince Isaiah to make a snow angel, but he didn’t want to lie down in the snow. He did sit and wave his arms and legs, but it doesn’t make the cool imprint. I made a snow angel for him, which resulted in needing dry clothes because, unlike Isaiah, I don’t have good snow gear.


A sitting snow angel

When it was time to go in, Isaiah really didn’t want to leave the snow. He cried and tried to bring snow inside with him. Once we got inside and he found out that you get hot chocolate after time in the snow, he was much happier.


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