Gym Play Date

My MOPS group met for a play date at the local kids’ gym this afternoon. We only have one working vehicle, so it was a little bit of a juggling act to get DJ to work, my mom’s shopping done and Isaiah and me to the play date, but we managed it. When we got there, Isaiah’s friend, Elsie was just getting there with her mom and baby sister. At first, they acted like they’d never seen each other in their lives because this was a different place than their typical MOPS encounters. Soon, though, they were off and running. Elsie is younger, so she was a little more uncertain at first, but Isaiah was happy to show her how fun things could be. Elsie’s mom and I got to talk a bit while we followed them around (Elsie wanted mom within grabbing distance at first).


Sharing hula hoops with Elsie

There were quite a few other kids at the play date. Some of them, I know through their moms at MOPS, others weren’t MOPS kids. Isaiah didn’t care whether he knew the kids or not. He was happy to run and play with any who would take notice of him!


Some of the blocks had things carved into them. Isaiah especially liked this one and worked quite hard to reach it!


Elsie wasn't quite as sure about the blocks once she was actually in them... Isaiah really wanted her to stay, though!

There were lots of fun things to climb on and play with. Isaiah really liked the bright colored hula hoops and carried them around for a while. Then, he discovered the pit filled with foam blocks. The first time he got in, he couldn’t figure out how to move and wanted out. The next thing I knew, though, I turned my back for a second and looked back to find him sliding back in! Sometimes, he’d sink too low into the blocks and wasn’t able to get himself out, but most of the time he could climb out just as easily as he got in. When he did manage to get stuck, he’d call “Mama, help, please!” until I got to him. Once I’d rescued him, he’d give me a hug and be off for more adventure.


Climbing out of the block pit


Sweet little Sadie. She's just so cute!

Isaiah and I both had a wonderful time. I got to play with him a little, but mostly was able to sit down and talk to some of the other ladies. I even got to hold Elsie’s baby sister for a while. Isaiah was having so much fun that he didn’t want to leave, even for a car ride and shopping with his Gram–and he likes those things! We will definitely be making a trip back some time soon. It’s a great way for him to burn some energy during the winter, when he can’t just play outside by the hour.


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