We got the first snow of the season today. It started around lunch time–just early enough to keep our extra help from making it up and cause us to have to cancel kids club. The roads were downright dangerous in places, so we decided it was best that anyone who could should stay home.

Snow, 12/3/11

''What is this stuff?''

Of course, Isaiah didn’t mind the snow. If he’d remembered that it was a kids club day, he might have been a bit sad about not getting to see all the kids, though. Isaiah spent quite a while today watching the snow through the window. He wanted to make sure nothing changed while he wasn’t looking, I guess.

Snow, 12/3/11

Trying to catch snowflakes

At one point, long before it stopped snowing, I bundled Isaiah up and brought him outside to see the snow up close. I wasn’t sure what he’d think, since last time it snowed, he was terrified of it. He’s old enough now that he had a very different response, though! He loves it! He touched it a couple times, waddled like a penguin so he could drag his feet in the snow and even tried to catch some on his tongue (after a little prompting). It took a lot of convincing and, eventually, chasing him down to get him to come inside. He was enjoying the snow way too much to want to leave it! The promise of hot chocolate managed to coax him inside, though. (It’s a family tradition to have hot chocolate to warm up after playing in the snow.)

Snow, 12/3/11

Tasting the snow


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