Toddlers are so Fun

I’d just like to share a few of the fun moments that have happened lately. My life is just full of little things that make me smile. Many of them have to do with having a toddler in it.

Mornings have gotten pretty interesting around here. You can just never know what a toddler will come up with! A couple days ago, I was wakened by kisses from a stuffed puppy. I’m not kidding! Isaiah’s puppy was kissing me, over and over, until I woke up and kissed it back. Then, of course, Isaiah wanted his fair share of kisses! This morning was equally fun in its own way. I actually woke up before him for once. I guess that’s what happens when he fights sleep so hard. When he woke up, he nursed, then we played on the bed for quite a while. Just about everything I did made him giggle. We talked about a hole in his footies, which resulted in shrieks of laughter. He gave me lots of kisses and played around with the blankets and his puppy. Such a silly kid!

Most days are full of giggles and silliness. Isaiah has discovered his imagination and loves to play. He makes soup in a plastic cup with some beaded necklaces and stirs them with a pen.

Isaiah’s animals are all alive to him. He loves to put them on someone’s lap with a book, fully expecting us to read to them. Sometimes he reads to them, too. Snacks are always shared with at least one friend and some toys lend themselves nicely to be food for his animals. He does everything for his animals that we do for him. He’s so gentle when he cares for them!

These are just a few of our daily adventures. Everything is exciting to Isaiah. He’s always learning and interested. Having him around makes it easier to get excited about the small things.


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