Pumpkin Art

Isaiah has been eyeing a pumpkin my mom bought for several days. He desperately wanted to play with it and, until today, had been told not to. This evening, I pulled out some paints, stripped him to just a (disposable–so he wouldn’t stain a cloth one) diaper and set him up at the table with the pumpkin. He certainly didn’t need any instructions! I handed him the paintbrush and he was ready to go.

Pumpkin Painting

''I'm painting a pumpkin''

Pumpkin Painting

So pleased with himself

Isaiah painted for quite a while with the colors I’d put on a paper plate for him. Eventually, he decided he needed more colors and started pointing to the rest of the paint. I gave him some more colors and he continued merrily painting the pumpkin and mixing colors.

Pumpkin Painting

Two brushes are so much better than one!

Pumpkin Painting

See his blue tongue? That's what happens when you taste your paints.

Pumpkin Painting

Painting, oh, so enthusiastically

Painting the pumpkin took a great deal of concentration. Isaiah was very careful about where he put the paint. He decided that the table and his high chair ought to be painted, too, at one point, but I put an end to that pretty quickly. By the time he was done, his arms and hands were covered in paint. He even managed to get some in his hair!

Pumpkin Painting

Showing me that he accidentally painted his arm... ''Uh-oh!''
(The irony of this is that he was showing me a tiny dot on one arm while the other was completely covered in paint!)

Pumpkin Painting

Trying to blow the paint off

Working on his pumpkin

As with all toddler activities that involve paint or similar messy mediums, craft time ended with a bath. Isaiah was perfectly happy to be moved directly from the high chair to the bathtub. He loves taking baths. Soon he was clean and it was time to get ready for bed. He wasn’t too fond of that part…


Getting all the paint off in the bath


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