My Little Cowboy

I dressed Isaiah up in a cowboy costume and took him trick-or-treating at the senior apartments in town. He got some candy and all the people in the apartments were happy to see him. He grinned at everyone and told them “thank you” and “bye-bye” after he got his candy.

Isaiah was pretty proud of his costume. He picked his hat for himself. There were a couple different colors and he latched onto the black one. Before we went to the apartments, I took him outside and took some pictures of him. He ran around the yard in his cowboy gear and carrying around a basket.


This is my favorite picture of Isaiah in costume


Without the hat


Such a cutie

The hat was actually bigger than Isaiah’s head. It kept falling down over his eyes, so he would walk around with his head tipped back, trying to look under it. I fixed it for him a few times, but he’d just knock it right back down, so I gave up. It wasn’t like it was slowing him down any!


Walking with his hat over his eyes


Little cowboy


''I'm a cowboy!!!''


''Let's go get some candy!''

I hope you enjoyed the pictures. I saw this posted by a friend in an online group of moms that I’m a part of and really liked it. She said it would be alright with her if I shared, so here it is.

Imo, psychologically and as a culture, I wonder if it is not a good thing for us to every now and then challenge the darkness. As a Christian I know that evil exists and do NOT ‘play’ with those areas of spiritual danger. But I also know that Christ has conquored the darkness and I wonder if it’s not a good thing to one night a year go out after dark and remember that truth. Keeping in mind my families version is to go to the local zoo’s program – so it’s not like I’m overly daring.

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