Fall Carnival and Crafts with Isaiah

Today as a part of kids club, we had a carnival. There weren’t any fun activities for the kids this Halloween, so we decided to do something for them. I dressed up as a clown and made balloon animals and swords. Most of the kids thought it was wonderful. They loved getting balloons and wanted to know how I made them. One little girl, though, walked up to me and announced plainly, “I’m scared of you!” She sure didn’t seem scared to me. It takes courage to walk up to a clown and tell them you’re scared! Even Isaiah liked it that I was a clown. He watched me put the makeup on and used a clean applicator to pretend he was putting makeup on, too. He kept looking at me and laughing.


When kids club was done and everything from the carnival was finally put away, Isaiah took his much needed nap. By the time he woke up, he was ready to do something fun. He keeps getting into all the craft stuff, so I asked him if he wanted to do a craft. He, of course, started cheering and bouncing. I let him pick a few colors of paper and pulled out a big white sheet for him to glue pieces of color onto. I cut some squares from each color and put asked him where he wanted to put them. He’d point to a spot for me to put the glue, then stick a piece down as soon as there was glue on the paper. He thought it was great!


Helping me put glue on the paper


Sticking pieces of paper down

After a while, the squares were getting boring–for me, at least–so I cut some other shapes from the paper. Isaiah was amazed and snatched up the new shapes. He found places to start gluing them to the paper and kept on crafting. Soon, he decided that putting the glue on the paper couldn’t possibly be that hard and wanted to try. I let him do it and, with a little help, he was applying the glue, setting the bottle down, sticking paper on and starting again.


''I got glue everywhere!''


''Look at my sticky fingers...''


He wanted to do the gluing for himself

When it reached a point where Isaiah was mostly sticking pieces on top of other pieces, I told him we should probably stop for today. Not that he agreed or anything. I put the extra pieces away to use another day soon. He was quite proud of his work and kept showing it to everyone.


Proudly displaying the finished product


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