The Excitement Never Ends

We’ve been keeping busy around here lately. So busy, that I’m not getting updates posted as often as I’d like. Today was no exception. The excitement started around lunch time as I was working on homework while my mom watched Isaiah. Suddenly, I had Isaiah at my door wanting me to come see something. Once again, there was big equipment in our front yard. This time, to place a post that will eventually be a street light.


The best way to watch through the window is to press your entire face against it.


''It's a truck, Mama!''


Suddenly, Isaiah has become quite the thumb sucker...


Still watching

Isaiah spent quite a while watching the guys putting a post in our yard from the window. He was still in his jammies (it was a lazy, homework day), so it didn’t even occur to me to take him outside. When we realized they were starting to put a second post in a little bit farther down the street, I got us dressed and we walked over for a closer look. He was absolutely thrilled to get closer. The guys who were working stopped and waved at him, which totally made his day. After a while, he asked to be picked up and I started back toward the house. The entire time we were walking, he was waving over my shoulder, yelling “bye-bye! bye-bye!” to the guys.


Waving at the workers


Watching from outside


Isaiah insisted that he needed to wear the hat.

When I finished my homework, I dug out some of Isaiah’s toys that he hadn’t seen in a while. We had the house to ourselves for a while and I figured it was a good time to try reintroducing some things that had been too advanced for him when he got them. (With his birthday and Christmas a month apart, he gets things that he won’t be ready for right away, with the knowledge he’ll be ready before the next time he’s getting gifts.)


''I'm cute and I know it.''


Teething, much?

One of the toys is a toy train. He’s been playing with the train for a while, but I’d kept the little pegs that connect the cars together and some small blocks tucked away. He had been in a chewing phase and I didn’t want him chewing on wood that might splinter and I was afraid the pegs would break. Now, he’s actually able to build with the blocks and load them into the train cars. He had a ton of fun pulling the train around, dumping the blocks, loading the blocks and stashing other toys in the train.




Pulling the train by its string

The other toy I brought out is a tool set. As soon as he saw the hammer, he knew what it was for. He started pounding on his train and the blocks with it. I showed him the “nails” that go with the toolset and that there were holes to put them in on the toolbox. He thought that was pretty awesome and spent quite a while driving the nails into the box, then pulling them back out.


Carefully hammering the nail.


''Look what I did!''

All this fun makes a kid hungry, so he took a nursing break with his dinosaur. He’s been carrying the dinosaur around for quite a while. DJ showed him a Land Before Time movie and Isaiah thinks it’s the best movie ever. Well, except maybe Homeward Bound. He even learned to say “dinosaur” so he could ask for the toy or the movie. I think it’s cute that he likes the dinosaur so much. It was mine when I was little and I loved it as much as he does. It’s actually the Sinclair dinosaur, of all things. What matters is that it’s soft and cute, though.


Snuggling his dinosaur


''Hi, Mama''

We even made time before bed for Isaiah to call his Great Gram on the phone. As soon as she answered, he said “hi, hi!” to her. He sang her a song and told her “uvv oo!” (“love you” in Isaiah-speak). After listening to her talk for a few seconds, he waved at the phone and said “bye-bye” before handing it to me. I think they were both pretty thrilled to get to talk for a minute.

Bonus: This picture is actually from a couple days ago, but I haven’t had a chance to post it until now. DJ got the idea to get all the guys together for a picture. The four-legged ones weren’t as into it as the two-legged ones. It’s still a pretty cute shot, though. Don’t expect to see a girls’ version any time soon. It wouldn’t be nearly as exciting or cute.


Jack, DJ, Dusty, Isaiah, Thomas, my dad and Max


4 responses to “The Excitement Never Ends

  1. The girl version of that last picture would only be three… no wonder I feel outnumbered! lol
    It has been exciting lately with all the trucks around our house, but I love that our toddler is excited about everything… He takes so much pleasure in the smallest things. We can learn a lot from a toddler…

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