Red Ribbon Week

This week is “Red Ribbon Week” where I live. My dad’s work puts on several drug free activities, encouraging the kids to avoid drugs for this year. This is just one of many things they do for the kids throughout the year for various causes.

Red Ribbon Week

Talking to the kids about drugs

This year, I’m only attending one of the activities. I decided against the “spook house” in the supposedly haunted basement of the building where my dad works. Honestly, after my dad came home today and described it, I’m glad I wasn’t planning to go! I’ll readily admit that I’m a wimp, but it doesn’t sound very kid-oriented to me. Oh, well, the kids and teens probably had a blast.

Red Ribbon Week

Painting ribbons on the street

The one activity I did attend was painting red ribbons on Main Street a couple days ago. When I got to where they’d blocked the street off to paint, there was hardly anyone there–just employees and a couple teens. Soon, though, a whole crew of kids swarmed in. Everyone had a great time painting dozens of smaller ribbons or helping paint one giant one. I couldn’t stay until they were done, but one of the guys climbed up on a roof and took a group shot so that the freshly painted street showed.


The finished street and all the kids who helped


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