House Demolition

The house next door to us has been condemned for the last several years. It’s been empty for even longer. Some cats have lived there for a while, but they rarely had kittens and never really developed a colony. We just had about three adults that stuck around.


This was a post on the porch with the house number.

This morning, we woke up to find a hydraulic excavator on a flatbed on the street and a couple of pickup trucks in the church parking lot (our house is set back behind the lot, since it’s the parsonage). It turns out, the village has finally decided it’s time to tear down a bunch of the condemned buildings and this was the top priority.


Working on demolishing the house.

A police officer went through the house before we got up to make sure there was nothing dangerous or alive inside. They didn’t see any cats, so they must have run at the sight of people, just like they do when I see them. Once it was deemed safe, the big equipment moved in to start the real demolition.


Halfway done with the house...

They started with getting some of the big stuff out of the front yard. The place was full of old junk of all kinds that overflowed into the yard, so that was a big job in itself! Soon enough, they started in on the actual house. It came down pretty quickly. Then, it was just a matter of getting it all broken down into small pieces and loaded into trucks to move out. They tore down all the trees growing in the backyard. I was kind of sad about that because one of them had beautiful blossoms in the spring. Now, it’s a nice open lot. They haven’t finished with it yet, but they can’t work in the dark, so they’ll be back to fill in the basement and make it completely safe.


I love this shot. It shows the wood splintering so well!

My cousin, Luke, is here for a few days and he was thrilled that he happened to be here to see this! He and Isaiah loved watching the entire process. Luke spent most of the day outside and when the crew left for the evening, came in and wrote a story about it as part of his schoolwork for the day. He also spent quite a while playing with his legos, using a lego version of the hydraulic excavator to tear down lego houses.


Luke having fun with his lego excavator and house.

I can’t really say I’m sad to see the house go. It was so broken down and dangerous. Now, instead of a house with bad floors, broken windows and junk in the yard, there will be a safe field next door. I won’t have to worry that Isaiah will get hurt in the house when he’s old enough to go out of my sight in the yard.

I also have some video of the demolition. Luke wanted to be able to watch it over and over again.


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