Shameless Bragging

Isaiah is trying to learn quite a few new things right now. Some are going better than others, but he’s enjoying the process. I found some counting/sorting bears that I used in a 4-H babysitting kit years ago and showed them to him. He thinks they’re great! He likes to put them into their cups and spread them around the house. I’m trying to teach him to put them in the cup that’s the same color, but he only halfway understands that right now. He does, however, understand counting them. There’s only one problem–he only knows the number “one”. He gathers the bears and puts them into the cups, one at a time, counting as he goes, “one… one… one…” He’s started counting other things, too. Like the cups for the bears, pieces of food on his plate and anything else there’s more than one of.

Isaiah also loves animals and everything about them. My mom and I have been telling him animal sounds for quite a while, but aside from barking like a dog, he didn’t seem to get it. He had barking mastered before he said his first word because he went through a phase where he seemed to honestly think he was a dog. Now he knows sounds for dogs, cats, monkeys, elephants, cows, owls and bears. He’s trying to figure out how to snort like a pig, but all he’s got down so far is scrunching his nose. He’ll get it eventually. Anytime he sees an animal that he knows the sound for, he starts making it, over and over again. Tonight, I showed him a game I found free in the app store that plays animals’ sounds when you click on them. He thought that was about the coolest thing ever! He kept trying to make the sounds before the computer had a chance to.


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