A Giant Ball and Fun Outdoors

We’re enjoying the few warm days left for the year by making sure to spend some time outside. My dad brought home a huge ball from work because they aren’t using it anymore. Isaiah, of course, thinks it’s the coolest thing ever. It’s almost as tall as him, so he can throw himself on top of it.

Giant Ball

Whoops! He didn't quite fall over.

Giant Ball

Isaiah with his Grandfather

Giant Ball

Pushing the ball around the yard is so much fun

Isaiah has mastered kicking, thanks to this ball. He runs toward it, then kicks with all his strength. At one point today, he almost fell over because he kicked it too hard. He had a great time rolling it around and kicking. He really loved it when my dad or I would kick it so it would go farther.

Giant Ball

''I'm hyper!''

Giant Ball

Putting a leaf on the ball

Giant Ball

Still pushing...

After a while of playing with the ball, Isaiah went over to a tree stump from where a tree fell down in a storm a while back. He thinks it’s great fun to climb on it. The stump is starting to rot, so now there are bits that can be easily pulled out of the center. As soon as Isaiah realized this, he started pulling the pieces out, then breaking them into smaller and smaller pieces.

Giant Ball


Giant Ball


Giant Ball

Pulling pieces out of the stump

Giant Ball

''This is so cool!''

Giant Ball

Trying to break the wood into even smaller pieces

Isaiah really loved the pieces of wood that he pulled out of the stump. He even managed to stuff his pockets full of them to bring inside. We were pretty surprised when he kept pulling more and more out once he got into the house! He even managed to bring a piece with him in the car later in the day.


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