A Day in Photos and Videos

Rather than writing a long and probably boring post about what we did today, I thought it would be more fun to share the pictures and videos that I took and let them tell the story.

Isaiah loves the end of Homeward Bound. Well, actually, he loves the whole thing, but the end is his favorite part.


Lookin' cool in sunglasses


Baby polar bear from Great Gram and Great Grandfather


''What's this?''


Reaching for his gifts




''What's that?''


''Do you see this? It's awesome!''


Trying his first Magic Capsule


Oh, look, it's an animal!




Playing with his complete set


He had so much fun!

Playing with the magic capsules


One response to “A Day in Photos and Videos

  1. I love to watch him watch the end of Incredible Journey and the two Homeward Bound movies. He loves them and has watched them over and over, but each time at the end it seems like he’s not sure that the third animal is really going to make it home. He gets excited as each pet is reunited with its owner, but when the third one shows up he just grins and claps and is so excited!

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