Black Light + High-Lighters + 1 Toddler = FUN!

My dad got home from a trip to D.C. with the school board tonight. He brought Isaiah a cool glow-in-the-dark shirt with an astronaut on it. Since it was light in our house when he gave it to Isaiah, he brought out his black light. Isaiah adored the light and wanted to play with it, too. We accidentally discovered that high-lighter ink glows because I’d been drawing on my arm with one while doing homework.

Black Light

''Isaiah'' I couldn't think of anything else to doodle. My homework was too boring!

I drew a smiley face on one of Isaiah’s hands and wrote “hi” on the other. He didn’t let me get a picture of those because he was too busy admiring them, so I drew another smiley face on his cheek. He had no idea it was there, but it was sure cute!

Black Light

Smiley face!

Black Light

Such a cutie

After a while, he decided it would be more fun to draw on someone else. He put scribbles up and down my arm, then moved on to decorating my dad’s hand. He was so pleased of his work. He made lots of creative scribbles and proudly showed it off to everyone.

Black Light

''I'm drawing!''

Black Light

He had so much fun

The black light definitely made for some fun times. I may have to have my dad get it out again some time soon so we can play with it again. I’m sure there are lots of other fun things we can think of to do with it!


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