I Wrote a Children’s Book

I’m taking some early childhood education classes right now. One class has some really interesting assignments for me to do. This week’s assignment was to write a children’s book to be read to toddlers. Okay. That’s a challenge!


''But I know where he is!''

I have no drawing ability at all. I’m alright if I take a photograph of something and use my bamboo tablet to trace it in Photoshop, but that takes me hours and hours to do. It also means I need the image to start with! So, drawn pictures were not an option for me. Instead, I decided to take pictures. I collected my camera, candy, cat treats, my toddler, my cat and my mom and started taking pictures.


Jack wanted to help...

After several days of taking pictures, I finally have a book. Getting pictures of Isaiah and Thomas together, in a specific spot and pose, was certainly a challenge! Isaiah has been sick and Thomas can be a grumpy old man these days. After each picture was taken, Isaiah would sit there with his mouth hanging open, waiting for candy and Thomas would lead us to the kitchen for cream cheese. Whatever it takes for the grade, I guess.


''There's no cat in there''

The book is about Isaiah and Thomas playing hide and seek. Thomas hid in lots of silly places and Isaiah looked for him. There are some really cute pictures in the book! In the end, Isaiah had lots of fun. I’m not so sure about Thomas, he wasn’t fond of being put into the weird hiding spots.


Why pose when you can read?

I found a website that publishes books without requiring me to order an insane number of them, so I ordered a real, bound version of my book. How cool is that? I’m planning to give it to Isaiah for Christmas this year. I can’t wait to get it!


These two love to read together

It’s possible for other people to buy my book through the site I used or to get an e-book of it. Here are links for anyone who’s interested (the e-book is free): Book, E-Book


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