Sick Boy

I took Isaiah to the doctor this morning. He’s had a nasty cough for a few days, but it’s been getting worse instead of better and he was starting to show signs of a sinus infection. We ended up seeing a med student and a doctor. The student did a wonderful job handling Isaiah. I think the poor guy was a little uncertain when Isaiah took one look at him and started to scream. What he doesn’t know is that Isaiah was better for him than he’s ever been before! He actually stopped screaming while the guy listened to his breathing. This is a small miracle with Isaiah.

The final diagnosis for Isaiah is that he has croupe and a sinus infection. His throat is insanely swollen, so the doctor was concerned that he might develop strep, since he’s already sick. So, he got a one-time oral medication for the croupe (so glad it wasn’t the shot!) and ten days of amoxicillin. At least he likes the taste of the amoxi, so it shouldn’t be too much of a battle to get down him.

Prayers for my little boy would be greatly appreciated. He’s so miserable right now. On top of being sick, he’s working on getting four teeth. The sooner he’s feeling better and back to his old self, the better!


5 responses to “Sick Boy

  1. He’s feeling a little better now. The cough is nearly gone, but he still has a stuffy nose. He’s become a master at blowing his nose and even tries to do it himself. (If left unsupervised, he’ll go through half a box of tissue, blowing into each one once.) The amoxicillin upsets his tummy and he’s been showing me that it has an “owie”.

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