The Hug Game

Isaiah has a game that we all love. I call it the hug game. It starts when someone gives him a bear hug. As soon as he’s set back on the floor, he takes off running to the next person to get a bear hug, yelling “huuuuug!” the whole way there. If the target person gives him a hug, the game continues. He’ll alternate between however many people are willing to play, usually stopping to hug me after each other person. The bigger the distance between people, the better. Isaiah loves to be able to run from place to place.

Last night, I set the camera on the arm of the couch so it could record while Isaiah did it. You can’t see me because I’m sitting next to the camera, but it gives an idea what he does. By the time I started recording, he’d already been playing like this for at least ten minutes. He would have kept going beyond this if I hadn’t offered him milk, too. Some days, we do this multiple times throughout the day. It’s tons of fun!


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