Guest Post: A Walk with Gram and Grandfather

We wanted to hand out some fliers for Kids’ Club, so my husband and I were heading over to the park… and of course, Isaiah wanted to tag along. He was very excited to be on an outing with just his grandparents. He was having a great time, chattering away until we reached the fire hall. One of the men was just pulling the ambulance out of the building to park it across the street. Isaiah was absolutely speechless. We went over to the sidewalk so he could get a good look at it. He thought it was wonderful, although he wasn’t sure he wanted to get close enough to touch it…
We crossed the street to the park and played briefly on the slide. He climbed up the slide and I climbed up the steps… I never did master climbing the slide. He slid down alone and with me, but then he saw something that bothered him greatly. A young couple came to the park with a little girl, younger than Isaiah. They plopped her down on the bouncy donkey that Isaiah loves and sat down on a bench nearby. He was immediately concerned that someone else was on “his” donkey and kept pointing at her, chattering about it. Then she started to wail… loudly… for a long time. The couple wasn’t paying any attention to the child and she worked herself up to a full scream. And Isaiah couldn’t bear it. He made a beeline for the donkey and the little girl. I don’t know whether he was more distressed that she was on his donkey or that she was crying. I don’t know whether he was going to console her… or push her off! Fortunately the couple realized that they needed to take care of the little girl and rescued her before Isaiah got there. So he was able to climb up on the donkey and ride.
Next he wanted to ride on the merry-go-round where a couple of boys were playing. They were happy to let his grandfather push them all in circles for a while. Isaiah had a great time chattering at the boys.
Then we left the park and went over to the football field. Our school team was in the middle of the homecoming game, so Isaiah saw his first football game. He wasn’t very impressed. The spectators were far more interesting to him than the game.
We finally headed for home where he told his mom all about his adventures.


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