Tiny Snapping Turtle

Today, when my dad came home from work for lunch, he brought something with him. He had a green bowl and wanted me to get out my camera. I got the camera as Isaiah ran around my dad’s feet chattering and trying to see what he had. We were both pretty amazed at what was inside the bowl! It was a tiny snapping turtle.


Tiny turtle--That's my dad holding it...

We found a big snapping turtle in the road by our house a couple months ago, but I’ve never seen one this small before. One of the guys my dad works with found this little guy outside of the office and decided to rescue it. The middle of Main Street just really didn’t seem like a safe place for a baby turtle! The guy let my dad bring it home to show Isaiah, then was going to take it home to show his girls and release it in a pond where it would be safe and happy.


Isn't it cute??


''What is it?''

Isaiah thought it was the coolest thing he’d ever seen. He really wanted to hold it, but, small as it was, it was still a snapping turtles and those things bite! My dad held it up carefully so Isaiah could see it better and helped Isaiah to gently touch it’s shell. (Gently is still a difficult concept for Isaiah, so an adult has to hold onto his wrist to keep him from squishing living things.)


Very close examination


Gently touching

After Isaiah got to look at the turtle and I got some pictures, my dad brought it back to work. By now, it’s happily playing in a safe habitat. I’m sure the girls who got to see it later had as much fun as Isaiah did. It was certainly a cute little turtle!


''Lemme at him!'' It seemed extremely interested in Isaiah.


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