Todder + Pens = FUN!

We had a busy day today with kids club, chores and homework. Isaiah had fun playing with the kids and playing with various toys at home. He even spent quite a while cuddling his stuffed truck while he watched his beloved truck movie.


Jonathan posing with a picture of Jesus at kids club


Isaiah and his truck

All the craziness of the day just wasn’t enough for Isaiah, though. He had to find one more crazy thing to end the day with. While I was doing homework, he managed to steal the pens out of my purse. He’d been carrying them around for a while before I took them away and started to move him toward bed. When I took his pants off, I discovered that he’d created quite the work of art.


''Look what I did, Mama!''


So pretty

Isaiah’s legs were covered in blue and orange scribbles! To make it even better, he was insanely proud of himself for doing it. He kept showing me all the different marks. He was especially pleased with the marks on the bottoms of his feet and kept bending himself around to look at them.


Isaiah's legs


''See? I did that!''

After taking plenty of time to laugh and document, I ushered Isaiah into the bathroom to get cleaned up. As much as he enjoyed his art, he’d decided that it was really time for it to go away now and happily helped me to wash it all off. When I was done washing his legs, he grabbed the washcloth and started washing my hand. I guess I needed cleaning, too, after all the fun!


Showing me the bottom of his foot


The other foot... There's even ink between his toes!


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