The Unique Joys of Bedtime with a Todder

Bedtime has started getting more interesting as Isaiah has gotten older. When he was younger, I put his jammies on him and nursed and rocked him to sleep. Over time, we’ve developed a bit of a routine for bedtime that’s changed here and there as he learned new things. Now, Isaiah seems to be adding a new part to it.


Isaiah with his special truck

Tonight, when I told Isaiah that he needed to get ready for bed, he selected his pajamas and started selecting toys to sleep with. He’s been bringing a stuffed animal (or truck) to bed for a while now, but it had never been such an ordeal before.


Selecting toys



After about ten minutes of going through stuffed animals and trying to convince me to let him sleep with his books, Isaiah finally climbed into his bed. Then, he started calling for Thomas, who was sitting in the middle of the floor. I told him he had to lie down first and went to bring Thomas to the bed. I asked where he wanted Thomas to sleep and he pointed right next to him. I put him down and Isaiah gave him a huge, suffocating hug. I loosened his grip around the cat’s neck and they laid there for a few minutes cuddling. (Sadly, I didn’t think of bringing the camera back to the room until later.)


Thomas settled in at the foot of Isaiah's bed



Soon, Thomas had had more than enough of this whole cuddling thing and moved to the foot of the bed. Isaiah was concerned that Thomas didn’t have a stuffed animal to sleep with, so he passed his puppy to him. Then it was time to actually start getting settled for bed. He carefully arranged his toys so they each had a pillow and pulled his blanket up over them. He finally settled in on his bed. He grabbed his stuffed truck and gave it a huge hug. He had barely started to nurse when he fell asleep. It took him so long to get ready to sleep that he couldn’t even stay awake to finish his routine!


Thomas left!


Finally lying down to sleep

A while later, I slipped into Isaiah’s room to check on him. He was still soundly asleep with all his special toys. Such a sweet little guy!


Sound asleep


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