Geese at the Lake

There’s a lake close to where DJ works, so today Isaiah and I rode along with my mom when she went to pick DJ up from work. We left early to give us some time to hang out at the park for a while first. Isaiah was excited to be going somewhere fun.


Geese at the lake

When we got there, a bunch of geese were by the edge of the lake. We took Isaiah over to investigate. He was fascinated and would have loved to run right up to them. My mom scooped him up to keep him from going too close, while I ventured a little closer to take some pictures of them.


A Canada goose--This one came pretty close to me while I was taking pictures.


Isaiah watching the geese

While I was taking pictures, a mom and her daughter came to feed the geese some bread. They were really excited about that! It gave me some great opportunities to take pictures. Isaiah loved watching them jumping and chasing each other, trying to get the bread.


I like this picture of the geese at the edge of the water.

After watching the geese for quite a while, Isaiah and I wandered over to investigate the water. He thought it was pretty interesting and probably would have jumped in if I’d have let him. He looked at some plants and I found a pair of damselflies. I showed them to Isaiah and he tried to touch one. They took off and disappeared pretty quickly after that.


Examining the water


Playing with Isaiah

We had lots of fun at the lake. Isaiah didn’t want to get back into the car when it was time to leave. We picked DJ up from work and headed home. Isaiah kept bursting into random fits of giggles the entire ride home!


Looking out at the lake


5 responses to “Geese at the Lake

    • I loved feeding the geese at a pond near my grandparents’ house. They always had some stale bread around for us to take.
      I learned early to be extremely careful around geese, though. I wasn’t very old when I had one run up and bite me in the stomach! I’m still insanely cautious around them all these years later.

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