Sippy Cup Training

Isaiah was playing with his sippy cups today. He lined some up on his table and backed away slowly with his hand up toward them, saying, “stay… stay”! Suddenly, he raced back to the table like he thought they were going to move. He told them again to stay and began to slowly back away from them. Once he’d backed away several steps, I asked him if they were good cups and staying like he told them. He said “uh-huh” and went over to give them hugs. Apparently, all our efforts to train Dusty have not gone unnoticed! Isaiah has tried to use these commands on the dogs, but they keep ignoring him. I guess now he’s found something that consistently obeys.


5 responses to “Sippy Cup Training

  1. Hello! I came via WordPress’s “breastfeeding” tag and just LOVED this post! I laughed out loud at your lads incredible imagination! What a little treasure you have.

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