So, Now I’m Breastfeeding Toys, Too?

When Isaiah woke up from his nap today, he was snuggling the stuffed giraffe that he took to bed with him. Of course, the first thing Isaiah wants any time he wakes up is some nice, warm milk. Soon, he was cuddled against me on the bed to nurse.

Nursing Giraffe

In my bed with his giraffe

After a few minutes of some serious nursing, Isaiah popped off, grinned at me and smooshed his giraffe’s face against my nipple. His giraffe’s “snack” was accompanied by all the right sucking sound effects. I asked Isaiah what his giraffe was doing and he just started laughing hysterically.

Nursing Giraffe

Sitting with his giraffe

Isaiah and his giraffe took turns nursing for a while longer before Isaiah decided he was ready to get up. He sat up next to me, still laughing and hugged his giraffe. He gave me some hugs and kisses and headed off for his next adventure.

**There are no pictures of the giraffe actually nursing because I’d rather not make my blog R rated**


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