My Little Chef

I let Isaiah make a no-bake Oreo pie today (with a little help). He thought it was wonderful! He got to pour the milk into a measuring cup, then dump it into the bowl. He added the mix packet and stirred it with a whisk. When he was done, I stirred it a little to make sure there were no clumps left, but he had done a pretty good job mixing.


Measuring the milk


Adding the mix


Having lots of fun stirring


Getting to be a pro!

Isaiah really liked making the crust. I started it because the melted butter was hot, but once it was partially cooled, he stirred it with a fork. He wanted to try to smooth it with his fingers, but I managed to convince him to use the back of a spoon. I had to do most of it, but he still loved helping.


Mixing the butter and cookie crumbs for crust


Using his hands...


The spoon works, too

Once the filling was in the crust, I gave Isaiah the crushed cookies to pour on the top. He dumped them all right in the middle! Oops… I spread them out a little, but they still ended up being mostly in the middle. Oh well, Isaiah thought it looked perfect.


The final product

Isaiah was so proud of himself for making the pie. Everyone loved it, including him. The pie was a fun treat and getting to let Isaiah do most of the “cooking” was a ton of fun for both of us!


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