Water Balloons & Family

We bought about a million water balloons for kids’ club activities. DJ even bought a package for himself, too. Today, he pulled them out for Isaiah to play with. I helped Isaiah put his shoes on while DJ started filling balloons outside. When we met him out there, Isaiah raced over to see what he was doing.

Water balloons

Waiting for the water balloons

Isaiah already understands water balloons pretty well because he’s seen them a few times in the last week or so. He thinks they’re fascinating and loves it when they break and spray water on him. His only complaint is that the water inside is always so cold!

Water balloons

A silly smile for the camera between throwing balloons

While DJ was filling more balloons (since they only last about 10 seconds in Isaiah’s hands), Isaiah kept himself busy playing with me, my mom and the dogs. He passed out lots of hugs and kisses and played with the dogs’ leashes. He was so proud of himself for holding Max’s leash. Since we were right by the house, we didn’t have to worry too much about Max escaping–if he had, he would have just gone to the door!

Water balloons

''Hi, Gram!''

Water balloons

Kisses for Mama

Isaiah loved throwing the balloons to watch them pop. Whenever DJ handed him one, he’d immediately throw it to the ground. The times they didn’t pop were a major disappointment, but he was always eager to throw them again.

Water balloons

Max, eagerly awaiting the next flying balloon

After a while, DJ decided to get more creative with his balloons. He started tying sets of two balloons together for Isaiah to play with. It was hard to tell whether Max or Isaiah enjoyed this more. Isaiah would shriek and dangle the balloons in front of Max’s face and Max would desperately try to grab them. A couple times, he even succeeded. This, of course, resulted in a popped balloon, a very soggy corgi and more laughter from Isaiah.

Water balloons

Showing the balloons to Max

Water balloons

Max tasting the balloons

Before we went back inside, DJ managed to tie about ten balloons together for Isaiah. They looked a little like a flower, with the red balloons and a couple yellow ones in the center. Isaiah thought it was great and actually slowed down long enough to admire DJ’s creation for a minute before throwing it onto the sidewalk. Only a few balloons popped, so he picked it up and threw it a couple more times before managing to pop them all.

Water balloons

Balloon blob!

Ok, so I’ll admit, we did a lot more socializing and being silly than actually playing with water balloons, but isn’t that what family time is about anyway? A great time was definitely had by all and I look forward to more fun times. It’s always fun to do something that includes DJ or my dad, since they spend the majority of their time at work.

Water balloons

''I love my Mama!''


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