Learning to Sew

A couple of months ago, in the middle of a project, my sewing machine died. Needless to say, I was not a happy camper! Since I was halfway through sewing something for a friend, I needed to replace the machine immediately. My options were pretty limited, but I managed to find a machine that was a step up from what I had. It does some pretty awesome stuff!


Pushing the button

Today, I was helping my mom to sew some bean bags for kids’ club games. Isaiah, of course, wanted to be involved in the entire process. I let him sit on my lap while I sewed for a while. Because of this fancy machine, he was even able to help. It can be set to sew simply by pressing the right buttons. I showed Isaiah what to push and told him when to do it and he sewed several of the bean bags with very little help. Not bad for an eighteen month old!


''This is fun!''

Isaiah was so very proud of himself. He wanted to keep sewing all day. When he finished each bean bag, he’d reach for more material, wanting to make another. He wasn’t very happy when we ran out of bags to sew!


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