New Diapers!

Isaiah has been going through a growth spurt recently. The most obvious sign of that is that his diapers that had been fitting him perfectly were suddenly not long enough. They still fit him around the waist, but didn’t come nearly high enough to contain it when he peed. So, yesterday, I ordered some prefolds and covers (because I can’t afford more pockets at this point in time) and, amazingly, they arrived at lunch time today! I spent the afternoon prepping diapers and looking forward to putting one on Isaiah.

New Diapers

Some of the new diapers (just enough to show colors and what the prefolds look like)

Of course, the second I said the package was for him, Isaiah wanted to play with everything in it. At first, he was excited about the bubble stuff used to fill the extra space in the box. Then, he discovered the covers. He thought they were amazing. He knew they were diapers and wanted one put on right now! I put one over the diaper he was wearing and he traipsed through the house, quite pleased with himself.

New Diapers

One of the new covers and, apparently, Isaiah's favorite.

When the diapers were finally ready to be used, I put one on Isaiah. He was so excited! When he’s truly excited about something, Isaiah tends to get a little wild. The second I let go of him after hooking the diaper into place, he took off running and climbing on things.

New Diapers

''I have new diapers!!!''

I wanted to get a picture of him in his new diaper, but he was moving too much, so my dad tried to convince him to pose. This resulted in a lot of laughing (there’s a reason my dad isn’t a professional model!) and some adorable pictures of Isaiah. When I took the diaper off a couple hours later to put on his bedtime diaper, the prefold was completely saturated, but the cover and Isaiah’s clothes were completely dry. Score! So much better than the ones that were leaking due to poor fit. These diapers are a bit big, but that’s okay, since Isaiah is definitely growing right now. They’ll probably fit in a month!

New Diapers

Posing with his hands on his hips

New Diapers

And... I'm not sure what that pose is!


3 responses to “New Diapers!

  1. Lessons I learned from this: I need bigger diapers for my toddler. If I tell my toddler the exciting, mysterious package is for her, she might let me put them on her without a fight. Awesome. 😉

  2. Hey, new cloth diapers ARE pretty exciting! LOL I was excited when I got mine before I had this last baby. And I still love them! You have some pretty cute new diapers, and a pretty cute little guy to wear them 🙂

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