A Boy and His Dog

Isaiah absolutely adores all animals. Of course, he’s especially attached to our pets. Today, we brought Max with us to the park. Isaiah was so excited when my mom put the leash on Max and he realized we were bringing him! I had already put him in the mei tai on my back and he started bouncing and making silly noises.

Park with Max

''Yay! Max is coming, too!''

On our way to the park, my mom worked with Max and insisted that he heel and sit at corners (he’d rather run wildly and drag her). At first, Max was pretty sure he didn’t approve, but soon enough, he fell into the pattern and was nicely behaved for his walk. Isaiah seemed to quite enjoy watching Max as we walked along and kept pulling himself higher on my shoulders to see better.

Park with Max

Such a good dog!

When we got to the park, Isaiah was off and running practically before his feet hit the ground. He couldn’t wait to start climbing on things! His first stop was the slide. Somewhere along the way, through the example of other kids, Isaiah has learned that one must climb the slide before coming down it. He was halfway up the slide when Max decided to follow him. That didn’t go so well for Max. His rough feet and claws didn’t grip the plastic slide nearly as well as Isaiah’s rubber-bottomed shoes and bare knees. Before he knew what was happening, Max had gone back off the end of the slide and was sitting on the ground looking puzzled. Needless to say, he didn’t try that again!

Park with Max

Up they go...

Park with Max

At the top of the slide

Park with Max

Coming down!

Isaiah went down the slide a couple times, then raced across the park to ride the bouncing donkey. Max followed close behind and watched carefully as Isaiah climbed onto the donkey (by himself, for the first time!) and started rocking it. At first, Max thought the donkey was going to get him, but soon, he was sitting close by watching over Isaiah. He looked so sweet sitting next to Isaiah as he played!

Park with Max

Hurrying to ride the donkey

Park with Max

Climbing up all by himself

Park with Max

Isaiah and Max with the donkey

Soon, it was time to head for home. On the way passed the slide, Isaiah went to race back up. My mom and Max followed him up the steps this time so they could all go down the slide together. Isaiah thought going down the slide with Max sounded like a great idea. Max wasn’t so sure. Somehow, my mom managed to sit down and get Isaiah on one leg and Max on the other. Considering the space at the top of the slide, getting Max’s long body into place was a bit of a challenge. They came down the slide with Isaiah shrieking with laughter and Max ready to jump the second they got to the end. Both of them wanted to go again, though, and were horribly disappointed when they were told we needed to go home.

Park with Max

Taking Max back to the slide

Park with Max

On the climbing equipment, playing with Max

Park with Max

Coming down the slide all together

I put Isaiah back in his mei tai and started toward home. He put his arms around my shoulder and laid his head down on my back for cuddles. If I’d been walking far enough, he probably would have fallen asleep there. He was tired after all his fun, but would have kept right on going until he crashed.

Park with Max

Cuddles on the way home


4 responses to “A Boy and His Dog

  1. So cute! My middle son would LOVE to have a dog – they would be bestest friends. πŸ™‚ Sounds like a wonderful day!

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