What Bedtime Looks Like at Our House

We have a pretty set routine for bedtime here. Isaiah knows about half an hour before he actually gets into bed that it will be time soon. The first step is brushing his teeth. Most days, he loves getting them brushed, then taking a turn doing them, but others can be a bit rough. Tonight was a good night and he said “AAAAAHH” and “EEEEEEE” while I brushed and offered to brush mine for me when we were done.


In his bed

After brushing his teeth, I send Isaiah to find my mom while I get his night time diaper ready. By the time Isaiah and my mom arrive in his room, I have the diaper laid out on the bed, waiting to put it on him. I change his diaper quickly and tell him to pick a toy to sleep with. Choosing a toy can be a fairly long process, since, while searching for the perfect stuffed animal, he finds books and trucks that he’d love to play with about now.


Saying prayers

Finally, a stuffed animal is selected and Isaiah sits down on the edge of his bed to pray. Depending on the night (and Isaiah’s demands), either my mom or I will say a short prayer. We’ve learned to talk fast and keep it short to avoid interruptions from an impatient toddler. Once we’re done praying, he signs “love, amen” to add his own little prayer.



Next up is hugs for everyone. Sometimes, hugs can take forever. Isaiah is an expert at stalling. Tonight, he gave my mom a hug, sat back and hugged his puppy that he’d chosen to sleep with. After hugging it, he pulled the puppy away from him and started pointing out different parts of its face. Then, he gave out more hugs.




More hugs

When he’s finally done hugging and stalling, Isaiah lies back on his pillow and pulls his blanket up. Most nights, he also takes the time to carefully tuck his stuffed animal in, too. This time, he tucked it in, got settled, then picked it up to pull it around and cuddle.


Tucking his puppy in


Pulling his blanket up


All tucked in... Finally!

Now that Isaiah is finally in bed, it’s time for him to go to sleep. I sit down next to his bed and he nurses until he’s almost asleep. At that point, I can fix his blanket and just sit in the room for a few more minutes before leaving. When I checked in on him later tonight, I found him curled up sleeping and looking so content.


Sound asleep


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