MOPS Playdate

In the spring, I met some moms from my church’s MOPS group. Unfortunately, they’d just had their last meeting until September. Talk about a major bummer! This morning, I woke up to a text from one of the ladies, inviting me and Isaiah to a MOPS meet-up at a play place. I rushed to get us ready and off we went.

MOPS Playdate

Throwing a ball

When we first got there, Isaiah was a little overwhelmed by all the people. He held on tight to me until he’d had a chance to take in all the activity. Soon enough, he’d headed into a bounce house with a bunch of other kids. He was the youngest in there, but didn’t mind in the least. The older kids were great about being careful not to land on the crawling toddler and seemed to enjoy having him in there with them.

MOPS Playdate

In the bounce house and having a wonderful time!

Eventually, the other kids in the bounce house moved on to other activities, so did Isaiah. He located the big play kitchen and grocery store and set to playing. The first thing he did was collect a cup, plate, food and a screwdriver (yes, seriously) so he could set the table. He found a little grill and “cooked” his whole tomato on it before setting it on the plate and dragging a chair over to sit on. He then proceeded to stir his coffee in the cup with his screwdriver and try to take a bite out of the tomato.

MOPS Playdate

First, you need a cup...

MOPS Playdate

And, of course, a plate...

MOPS Playdate

And a pie...

MOPS Playdate

Gotta grill the tomato.

MOPS Playdate

Now for a chair to sit on...

MOPS Playdate

Add some sugar and cream to the coffee...

MOPS Playdate

Finally time to dig in!

Since Isaiah was finally feeling comfortable with playing, I wandered over to where most of the moms were sitting. I met several wonderful ladies and had a great time talking with them. There were several moms there with kids about Isaiah’s age, so there were lots of potential friends for both of us. When I looked up to see what he was up to, I found him, still in the kitchen, talking to a couple of little girls. He was leaning against the table having a very serious conversation. It was so cute!

MOPS Playdate

Don't forget to chat with the ladies after dinner.

A couple times, Isaiah came to check in with me. The first time, he wasn’t sure where I was, but figured I must be with all the other ladies, so he walked into the middle of the group and called “Mama, Mama” until I got to him. After that, each time he wanted to check in, he’d walk up to me, put his hand on my leg, smile and walk away. He just wanted to know I was still there, then it was safe to keep playing with his new friends.

MOPS Playdate

''Hi, Mama. Just makin' sure you're still here!''


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