Hanging Out at the Fair

My mom was assigned to help the 4-H judges again this year, so Isaiah and I rode along with her to hang out at the fair grounds. The fair won’t start until tomorrow, but it’s still fun to go. I brought my camera and Isaiah and I had a great time doing a photo shoot. He was happy to play and climb while I took pictures and even stopped to smile at me a couple times.


Isaiah fell asleep in the car, so he was a little spacey when we first got to the fair grounds


Exploring the fair grounds

Isaiah’s favorite thing at the fair grounds was a train car. The railroad used to pass through the town, so now they have one car on a section of track and the old train station at the fair grounds. The train is a little museum, but it wasn’t open while we were there, so we could only look at the outside. That didn’t bother Isaiah too much, though. He was so excited to be able to climb up onto the train car and look around. He kept bringing me back to it, over and over.


On the train


''Look at me!''


Waiting for a train?


The bench outside the train station made a great place for pictures!


I really love this picture of me and Isaiah (my mom took this one)

We walked all the way to the other end of the fair grounds at one point because there’s a big playground. Isaiah loved the playground equipment, but was so bothered by the sand on the ground that he would just stand in it and cry. Once he was on something, he was fine, but he just hated the way the sand felt. He really liked the swings–as long as they weren’t moving–and had fun climbing up on various equipment, then carefully coming back down.


There's a nice pond near the playground that Isaiah found fascinating


I told Isaiah that I love him, so he signed ''love you'' back


Riding a cool horsey swing


Isaiah managed to spot every horse on the playground

Eventually, my mom was done helping and we got back together to head for home. We stopped by our 4-H club’s booth to see how it was decorated (since I wasn’t able to help set it up this year) on our way out. It looked really cool and had plenty of room for the kids’ projects to be set out. I’d love to see everyone’s projects, but I won’t be around at all during the actual fair. I hope everyone does well!


Sitting outside the club's booth

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