Out for a Walk

The weather has been a little more bearable this week, so Isaiah and I are back to going out on walks sometimes. I must say I missed our walks when it was too hot to be out. Isaiah’s thrilled that we’ve been able to be outside, too, and keeps asking for his hat and shoes.


On our walk, we passed a cornfield. I had Isaiah stand in front of it to show how tall it was. All I seem to have achieved is showing how fast my baby is growing up!

When I took Isaiah out for a walk today, we went in a different direction than we usually do. Most days, we go to the park or to visit horses, but since I’ve hurt my knee, I didn’t think it would be wise to wear him and doubted he’d be able to walk that far. Instead, we headed in the opposite direction, toward the railroad tracks. Isaiah loves to watch the trains go by any chance he gets. Since we live two blocks from the tracks, he gets to see them fairly often. I figured he’d like seeing the tracks, too.


He was fascinated by the mud...

Part of the reason, though, that we went to the tracks is I thought they’d make a cool backdrop for pictures. There are some old buildings by them from when trains made stops here regularly. I figured Isaiah would be happy to play while I took pictures of him. I was very right!


By the tracks


Walking home

After we were done taking pictures by the tracks, we headed back toward home. On the way, we passed a building that’s covered in vines and had bright flowers growing on it. Isaiah thought they were amazing. There were a few on the ground, so I told him he could take one of those home with him. He was so excited! He carried it proudly back to the house and had my mom put it in a cup with water.


I found a flower!


Letting his bear smell the flower

As we were about to turn the corner for home, a train went by. Of course, that meant that we had to stop and watch. Isaiah kept pointing and yelling “tuck” (because he insists that everything with wheels is a truck). He was carrying his teddy bear and held it up facing the train so it could watch, too. Getting to see the train was a good end to a fun outing.


Showing the train to his bear


4 responses to “Out for a Walk

  1. You captured his expressions wonderfully! He looks so pleased and proud holding the flower he found! I really like the picture of him by the tracks with the building in the background. Sounds like you guys had a really nice walk. ♥

    • I really love the old buildings by the tracks. 🙂 I’ve taken so many pictures of them over the years! That area is just perfect for taking pictures, though. I’m tucking that away for future photo shoots. 😉

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